Boardgames Online

Discover where to play new and old boardgames via the Internet.

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What’s this all about?

During Covid-19 lockdown, lots of people have been playing boardgames remotely with friends using voice chat.

The first thing you have to do is to pick a game to play. Many are available to play online, but it can be tiresome browsing through sites such as Tabletopia or Board Game Arena looking for a game that you know well enough to teach to other people without being able to physically wave the playing pieces at them. Using this page, you can get a listing of online versions of games that you already know, provided that those games are in one of your collections on BoardGameGeek.

Alternatively, perhaps you’re seeking new games to try, in which case you can browse online editions of the top-rated games by category or mechanic.

Are there any other places I should be looking?

For a curated collection (current as of 2020), see Evan Leedʼs Options For Online Board Games.