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Indietracks 2019

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Start time End time Stage Act Highlight?
Outdoor Peaness
Outdoor Bis
Outdoor The Orielles
Outdoor Cheerbleederz
Outdoor Witching Waves
Outdoor Holy Now
Outdoor Mammoth Penguins
Outdoor LIINES
Outdoor Martha
Outdoor Tracyanne & Danny
Outdoor Squiggles
Outdoor Seazoo
Outdoor L I P S
Outdoor Strawberry Generation
Outdoor Adult Mom
Outdoor Stealing Sheep
Outdoor Kero Kero Bonito
Shed Come Out 2Nite
Shed Jetstream Pony
Shed Porridge Radio
Shed Fresh
Shed Randolph's Leap
Shed Big Joanie
Shed The Spook School
Shed Paris Popfest
Shed Junk Whale
Shed Kidsmoke
Shed The BV's
Shed Thud
Shed Advance Base
Shed Young Romance
Shed Withered Hand
Shed Fan Club
Church Athabaska
Church Surf Muscle
Church Owls of Now
Church Child's Pose
Church Lost Tapes
Church Current Affairs
Church Kagoule
Church The Catenary Wires
Church Nim Chimpsky
Church Common Or Garden
Church Kermes
Church Grawl!x
Church Solution Hours
Church The Proctors
Church Best Praxis
Church Foundlings
Train JC Quick
Train Jacqui and Geoff
Train Songs for Walter
Train She's Got Spies
Train The Sunbathers
Train Rosehip Teahouse
Marquee Indiekids band (songwriting)
Marquee Greetings from Indietracks (postcards)
Marquee Screenprinting
Marquee It’s A Stitch Up! (embroidery)
Marquee Grrls Like Us
Marquee Indietracks pop quiz
Marquee Make your own band badge
Marquee Festival sun printing
Marquee Rockin’ friendship bracelets
Marquee Bum Notes Karaoke with Ruby Waters
Indiekids Design your own Indietracks trucker cap!
Indiekids Make your plantastic pocket book of plants and flowers
Indietots Relax kids
Indietots Rainbow Storytime
Indietots How Does It Feel To Be Loved?
Indietots “Bear hunt” family yoga
Indietots Storytime (Roxie Collins)
Indietots Some Like It Pop!
Campsite Fortuna POP!
Campsite The Spook School
Campsite Strut in a Rut