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A Carefully Planned Festival 6

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Start time End time Stage Act Highlight?
Aatma Casual Sect
Aatma Pre-Birds
Aatma Tough Choices
Aatma Madilan
Aatma Envoys
Aatma I Cried Wolf
Aatma Toy Mountains
Aatma Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam
Aatma Broker
Aatma Ithaca
Aatma Yards
Aatma Screen Wives
Aatma Cemetery Of Splendour
Aatma Home Schooled
Aatma Lost Ground
Aatma Future Horizons
Aatma Rope
Aatma Wren
Aatma Dystopian Future Movies
Aatma Fvnerals
Castle Kid Kin
Castle The Little Unsaid
Castle Gareth JS Thomas
Castle Tusks
Castle Denuo
Castle Simon Love and the Old Romantics
Castle Pilosa
Castle Benjamin Blue
Castle Scandinavia
Castle The Showers
Castle The Capital
Castle Hunzu Moonshine
Castle John Haycock
Castle Robot Alien
Castle The Last Dinosaur
Castle Rice Milk
Castle BYFYN
Castle One Day, After School
Castle Georgio Tuma
Castle Gdansk81
Castle Freakout Honey
Crown & Kettle Frauds
Crown & Kettle Colour of Spring
Crown & Kettle Suggested Friends
Crown & Kettle Garden Centre
Crown & Kettle Crywank
Crown & Kettle Falling Stacks
Crown & Kettle Chorusgirl
Crown & Kettle Jesus And His Judgemental Father
Crown & Kettle Milk Crimes
Crown & Kettle Alimony Hustle
Gullivers upstairs Revere
Gullivers upstairs Shipwreckers
Gullivers upstairs Bearpark
Gullivers upstairs Laura J Martin
Gullivers upstairs Kemper Norton
Gullivers upstairs Cath & Phil Tyler
Gullivers upstairs Alasdair Roberts
Gullivers upstairs Pijn
Gullivers upstairs Bad Vibes
Gullivers upstairs Happy Accidents
Gullivers upstairs Ajimal
Gullivers upstairs The Blue Period
Gullivers upstairs July Skies
Gullivers upstairs ¡Ay Carmela!
Gullivers upstairs Esper Scout
Gullivers upstairs Unwave
Gullivers upstairs Weddings
Gullivers upstairs Apidae
Gullivers upstairs Living Body
Gullivers upstairs Admiral Fallow
Gullivers downstairs Perkie
Gullivers downstairs Tom Settle
Gullivers downstairs Two White Cranes
Gullivers downstairs Katie Malco
Gullivers downstairs Oh Peas
Gullivers downstairs Yr Friends
Gullivers downstairs Jacques Labouchere
Gullivers downstairs Gideon Conn
Gullivers downstairs The Gildings
Gullivers downstairs The Wicked Path
Gullivers downstairs Hana
Gullivers downstairs Katherine Priddy
Gullivers downstairs Jo Rose
Gullivers downstairs Laura James
Gullivers downstairs Charlotte Cannon
Mint Real Terms
Mint Oil
Mint Irk
Mint The Orielles
Mint allusondrugs
Mint USA Nails
Mint Shitwife
Mint Adem
Mint Jo Mango
Mint Cult Party & The Eternal Love Orchestra
Mint Glass Ankle
Mint Duds
Mint Fruit Bomb
Mint Her's
Night & Day Body Hound
Night & Day Classically Handsome Brutes
Night & Day Patchwork Natives
Night & Day Calico
Night & Day Luo
Night & Day Let's Talk Daggers
Night & Day Lake Michigan
Night & Day Alfresco Love Sounds
Night & Day Tall Talker
Night & Day Exploder Than You
Night & Day Campfires.
Night & Day Orchards
Night & Day Fishtank
Night & Day Falls
Night & Day Gallops
Soup Kitchen NARCS
Soup Kitchen Bruja
Soup Kitchen Lake Komo
Soup Kitchen Gorgeous Bully
Soup Kitchen Bearfoot Beware
Soup Kitchen Peaness
Soup Kitchen The Tuts
Soup Kitchen Joanna Gruesome
Soup Kitchen Johnny Foreigner
Soup Kitchen Sealings
Soup Kitchen Corinthians
Soup Kitchen Ohboy!
Soup Kitchen Field Studies
Soup Kitchen LEG.
Soup Kitchen Trudy and the Romance
Soup Kitchen Baby in Vain
Soup Kitchen Soccer96
Texture Vibracathedral Orchestra
Texture Sly & The Family Drone
Texture Thomas Ragsdale
Texture Golden Fable
Texture Rev Rev Rev
57 Thomas Street Twin Visions
57 Thomas Street Paloma Cafe
57 Thomas Street Strange Friends
57 Thomas Street Proto Idiot
57 Thomas Street Former Bullies
57 Thomas Street Blanket
57 Thomas Street Patty Hearst
57 Thomas Street No Ditching
57 Thomas Street Grotbags
57 Thomas Street Cowtown
57 Thomas Street Championlover
57 Thomas Street Voo
57 Thomas Street Crash Tactics
57 Thomas Street Hen Party
57 Thomas Street Astral Bodies
57 Thomas Street Queen Zee and the Sasstones
57 Thomas Street Brunch
57 Thomas Street Claw the thin ice
57 Thomas Street Easter
57 Thomas Street Bruce & Carl
57 Thomas Street The Cool Moons