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Indietracks 2009

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Start time End time Stage Act Highlight?
Outdoor Modular
Outdoor Rose Elinor Dougall
Outdoor Au Revoir Simone
Outdoor Sucrette
Outdoor Tender Trap
Outdoor Fitness Forever
Outdoor The Frank & Walters
Outdoor Speedmarket Avenue
Outdoor Camera Obscura
Outdoor La Casa Azul
Outdoor Cola Jet Set
Outdoor The School
Outdoor Nick Garrie
Outdoor Lucky Soul
Outdoor BMX Bandits
Outdoor Stereo Total
Outdoor Cooper
Outdoor Teenage Fanclub
Shed Downdime
Shed Little My
Shed Friends
Shed One Happy Island
Shed Mighty Mighty
Shed Butcher Boy
Shed Cats On Fire
Shed Emmy The Great
Shed Bonne Idée
Shed Zipper
Shed Eux Autres
Shed Northern Portrait
Shed The Smittens
Shed Pocketbooks
Shed Disasteradio
Shed Help Stamp Out Loneliness
Shed Art Brut
Church The Rocky Nest
Church Ray Rumours & The No Eyed Dears
Church Labrador
Church Kevin McGrother
Church The Specific Heats
Church The Lovely Eggs
Church Alaska
Church Wake The President
Church The Understudies
Church Helene
Church The Marshmallow Kisses
Church Le Man Avec Les Lunettes
Church Countryside
Church Hong Kong In The 60s
Church Ste McCabe
Church The Pete Green Corporate Juggernaut
Church Gordon McIntyre
Train Loyal Trooper
Train Let's Whisper
Train Poppy & Friends
Train Roy Moller
Train The Manhattan Love Suicides
Train MJ Hibbett
Train King Of Cats
Train Moustache Of Insanity
Workshop Wigwam The Only Way to Write a Song – Colin Clary of The Smittens
Workshop Wigwam Bunting Making Party - The Bunty Collective
Workshop Wigwam Make Your Own Souvenir Jewellery with Tatty Devine
Workshop Wigwam Hey Ho Lets Sew with Eithne Farry
Workshop Wigwam How not to run a record label – Sean Fortuna POP!
Workshop Wigwam Super Sunday pop quiz with quizmaster Gordon Ballboy
Workshop Wigwam DIY fanzines! With Twee As Fuck
Workshop Wigwam Craft Guerrilla hosts Crafternoon - a DIY Craft Event
Workshop Wigwam Buttons for Eyes with Faye Cooke and Leonna O'Neill