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Swingamajig 2019

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Start time End time Stage Act Highlight?
Swingamajig Stage Family friendly swing dance class
Swingamajig Stage Cut Capers
Swingamajig Stage King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys
Swingamajig Stage Electric Swing Circus
Swingamajig Stage Hackney Colliery Band
Bandstand Swing Punks
Bandstand Swing Punks
Bandstand King Brasstards
Bandstand The Swing Hoppers
Bandstand The Black Sheikhs
Cabaret Playing Django
Cabaret The Bubble Wizard
Cabaret 30 second showcases
Cabaret [TBC]
Cabaret Bunny the Comedy Knife Thrower
Cabaret Dance spectacular
Cabaret Marc Lavelle
Cabaret Orissa Kelly
Cabaret Amy Hooplovin
Cabaret Lauren Olivia
Cabaret Velma Von Bon Bon
Cabaret Evening extravaganza
Cabaret Circe's Diner
Cabaret Grand burlesque finale
Botanical Dancehall Swing dance classes
Botanical Dancehall Dance show
Botanical Dancehall DJ Tous
Botanical Dancehall DJ Nic
Botanical Dancehall Waggles
Botanical Dancehall Madame Electrife
Botanical Dancehall Catjam